Sunday, December 11, 2011


When it comes to online branding you need to find a way to make your company truly stand out compared to your competitors. Few companies have been able to showcase proper corporate branding. If you look at an example from the Trilegiant corporation who is a new england brand who is fully owned and operated by a larger corporate company called the Affinion Group has proven to be successful in branding both their large and small brands by, knowing how to separate themselves and displaying top brand recognition to distinguish themselves by promoting each brand in a different life while showcasing their products as the "leader" in their respective industry.
If you had to guess what one of the first things people look for in a potential purchase, you'd be right to say that a trusted name would be at the top of the list. The question many people ask is how do I become a trusted brand? Would you feel completely comfortable subscribing to a company that only offered generic third-party brand? The answer is probably not. Consumers want a name they can trust and that's where why you need to concentrate first and foremost on building trust and doing the right thing for your clients as you will retain customer loyalty as well as referrals. In addition to having very affordable membership rates, for your clients and their partners. If you can offer discounts on only the most recognizable and distinguished brands than you are going to be in good shape.
What top companies do is they study behavior of purchases from past clients and customers and they use that data to help determine how to best serve the needs of customers. So its very important to recognize and look at what your clients want with data that you retain from their history. Having partners who offer a wide array of product lines. Some of them can be meant to ease your home life or any other incentive to your customers is essential as you need to brand yourself in such a way that you will be distinguished and recognized over the long run.
Don't let your brand recognition stop with physical products. If apple only had the ipod or the iPhone you would recognize them but it's the culture that really brands itself. You need something to distinguish your corporate brand and that comes with practice and case studies of what your clients like and what they need.
Create a culture and a brand that will be remarkable and memorable for your clients and that will translate to sales as well as a successful business model.

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