Friday, October 21, 2011

Trilegiant Risk Free Opportunistic for Corporations

Trilegiant – Risk Free Opportunities

Far too often companies that provide membership-based goods are only out for
themselves. They present their offers in a way that appears beneficial to the consumer
but in actuality only benefits the company, often leaving their customers on the wrong
side of a bad deal. Trilegiant and their affiliates act as a counterbalance to these
companies, only offering quality services that are of little to no risk to the consumer.

Trilegiant is extremely confident in their products; so much so that they offer prospective
members very generous trial periods. For instance, many of their services are free
for the first month. This allows customers to try out one of their many opportunities
at absolutely no risk. If the customer decides that the service isn’t for them, they can
merely cancel it without suffering any financial loss.

If a service is not free for the first month, it is never more than $1 during the trial period.
This exhibits Trilegiant’s faith that customers will see the value in their member services,
offering an absurdly low rate in order to show them just how much money they can save
in the long run. Many customers opt to stay with the services, proven by Trilegiant’s
track record of reaching over 100 million people since their inception almost 40 years

Instilling good relations with customers is the key to a successful business, regardless of
the product. Recognizing this, Trilegiant goes the extra mile to ensure that their clientele
will be offered fantastic deals as low prices. In addition to their risk-free trial period they
also grant full refunds to customers who aren’t fully satisfied with their experience. This
generosity is a unique aspect of Trilegiant, and is much appreciated in a world where too
many companies think of themselves first and the customer second.

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